About Shoghi

Shoghi Resort is an Ecotourism resort situated in immaculate virgin woodland, ashore offered by the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department beneath its novel Ecotourism approach. As you approach your cottage, you'll perceive a certain outline logic. Anything man-made at Shoghi impeccably mixes in with nature. Truth be told, not a solitary tree was slashed when the resort was assembled. Also that is mind boggling. The houses are all pre-assembled structures in-accordance with the strict standards of Ecotourism to hold the original feature and roughness of the backwoods cover.

Shoghi is a spot where your sentiment with nature starts. Get up to the cool winds convey the twittering qualities of the feathered creatures. In your private, roomy sit-out, sink into an agreeable seat. Look around and taste your tea. The calm is heavenly. You can hear the fresh mountain air confounding its route through the trees conveying an infrequent tweeting of birds from a distance.

Shoghi Shimla View

Shoghi Cottage
Shoghi View
Shoghi Nature